Two Conjoined Twins Happy with Their Condition

Two conjoined twins, Pin and Pan, live in Nakhon Sawan, Bangkok in Thailand. The twins have their separate heads, torsos and arms but connected together from the waist downwards, meaning they both share a pair of legs. They have been living like this for the past seven years.

Source: Youtube

Interestingly, the two girls live like two separate individuals, each one having traits both similar and different from each other. For instance while the two of them enjoy riding the tricycle, only one of them enjoy taking noodles. Mores so, while one likes wearing a short hair; the other prefers wearing a long hair.

Doctors say there is a possibility in separating the two kids but their grandparents are not very sure they want this. Even the kids themselves think they are better off the way they are and do not want to be separated.

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