247exchange.com - Easy, safe and instant way to buy bitcoins

247exchange is a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at very competitive rates. The cryptocurrencies you can buy and sell include bitcoin, litecoin, namecoin and peercoin. A maximum amount of 1154.390855 bitcoins is allowed for sale but you can always contact the customer care section if you have more to sell. This verification is created for security purpose.

There are several payment methods for people wishing to sell their cryptocurrencies. Among them are: credit/debit cards, instant money transfers, express cash transfer, international bank transfer and SWIFT Transfer.

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Payments can be made in Euros or US dollars depending on your choice. Buying is also easy as you can pay for the cryptocurrency of your choice by credit or debit cards, local and international bank wire transfers, SEPA transfer and cash deposits at over 400,000 centers worldwide.

You don’t need to register before selling on the site as the system automatically registers you after the transaction. Apart from buying and selling, you can also choose to exchange your cryptocurrency for another one. For instance, you can give out your bitcoin in order to get an equivalent amount of litecoin.

Ease of Use

247exchange.com is one of the most colorful sites and obviously possesses the power to attract digital currency exchangers. One may conclude that the technicalities involved in the website design indicates that the managers are serious and intend to beat global competitors.

This is also the reason why Russian and Spanish languages are also included as means of communication for exchangers. The links are strategically placed and mixed in different colors to make them conspicuous. There is also a live chat link that follows you as you scroll up and down on every page of the site.

Features and Benefits

The management of 247exchange has also made it possible for people to earn with them through its affiliate program. Unlike other withdrawal options, 247exchange has a very low rate for all its services.

Overall Experience

I rate 247exchange.com very high because of its great flexibility. Its presence makes me feel less concerned about my inability to receive funds through PayPal. Once I direct my funds to my bitcoin account, I send it to my credit card and use it for whatever purpose I want.


About the Company

InterMoney Exchange UK, Ltd. incorporated in England and Wales with company number 09844106. The European Branch of InterMoney Exchange operates under an intragroup license and agency agreement provided by InterMoney Exchange, Corp.

InterMoney Exchange Inc. registered in the USA, Delaware, State ID: 5333576.

Registration address in Belize: 35 New Road, Belize City, Belize, C.A.

Registration address in the UK: C/O SHS, 76 The Terrace, 5th Floor, Wardour Street, London, United Kingdom, W1F 0UR.

Telephone: +44 2038070363 (24/7 call centre); E-mail: [email protected]

Website: 247exchange.com


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