Teenage Ballerina Uses Her Ankles as Knees

Teenage Ballerina Gabi, 14 years old, uses her ankles as knees after her rotation plastic surgery. At the age of nine, she was diagnosed of bone cancer after she got hurt while skating with her friends. She got motivated to walk again by her desire to dance and today, she dances like any other dancer.

Source: Youtube

Ballerina regained her ability to dance after a rotation plastic surgery. The rotation plastic surgery was done to remove the cancer in her bone. The doctors then took her whole knee and rotated her lower tibia 180 degrees backwards and reattached it to her upper thigh. This now enables her to do the things she wouldn’t have been able to do after she lost her leg to the bone cancer.


Apart from being a dancer, she is also aspiring to become an oncologist and to help children with bone problems. She is already a member an organization that caters for the need of children with cancer

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