Bobbi-Jo Westley Having the World’s Largest Hips

Bobbi-Jo Westley is currently the woman with the second largest hips in the world. She has a hip size of 93 inches and her thigh measures 68 inches. The 43-year old plus-size model is from Pennsylvania, America.

Source: Youtube

Looking at her size, one would think that she eats a lot, but she confesses to eat only once every day. Bobbi-Jo Westley says she is proud of her size but is keen to reduce if that will make her live longer. The plus size woman is confident and also not ashamed of her looks as she constantly posts her pictures on the Internet.


Many companies also use her for advertisements to attract the attention of potential buyers. Despite her age and being a mother of five, she has lots of fans in India, Australia and the US and some of them even request for her hand in marriage.

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