African Rock Python Completely Swallows a Young Impala

African Rock Python is regarded as the biggest snake in Africa. It is 4m long but capable of stretching up to seven meters and capturing weights of up to 90 kilograms. They kill their prey by releasing their poisons after which they carry them to a safe corner for consumption.

Source: Youtube

A wildlife photographer has been astonished by a recent incident in a South African forest. The photographer saw its mother attracted by the noise but unable to do anything as the snake completely swallowed the young Impala.

The rock python can expand its head three times its original size to swallow a prey of equivalent size. This is possible owing to the fact that there are elastic ligaments on the jaws. More so, both the upper and lower jaws are separated to allow maximum expansion when swallowing a prey. When the python feeds on such a large animal, it digests it for several weeks and capable of not eating anymore food for up to one year.

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