Adrianne Lewis - The Girl with the Very Long Tongue

Adrianne Lewis thinks she has the longest tongue in the world because it measures up to 4 inches. The young lady who is only 18 years old hails from Twin Lake, Michigan in USA.

Source: Youtube

There may be no surprise about the length because she can do a lot of things with her tongue. For instance, she can touch her nose, her elbow and her eye without difficulty. Adrianne Lewis must have inherited her serpent-like tongue from her mother, father and grandmother who also had very long tongues.

Adrianne’s YouTube videos are getting lots of comments and she believes she could be the person with the longest tongue in the world. She is already holding talks with Guinness World Records since hers is undoubtedly longer than the current record holder, Nick Stoeberl who has a 3.9 inch long tongue.

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